About us

DMWM is a place where men and women are taught and led to do it themselves, and their hands trained to wage war against the kingdom of darkness. The undiluted and unadulterated word of God is preached daily, preparing men for the undisputed second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and arming them for deliverance with quality Praise rendered unto the Almighty God.

In DMWM, prayers go on 24/7 all through the year. Flesh is subdued and wonderful testimonies abound.

Vision Of The Ministry

The Ministry is committed to:

  1. Bringing deliverance to the people through the word of God, prayer and adequate worship.
  2. Creating awareness of the second coming of Jesus Christ
  3. Preparing the saints for Christ’s second coming

Tenets Of Our Faith

The Holy Spirit leads us by the moment and whatever He says, we will do and where He leads, we will go. So we prayerfully believe and abide by these Articles of Faith:

  1. The Holy Spirit and the Triune God
  2. Salvation through Grace
  3. Regeneration
  4. Baptism of the Holy Spirit
  5. Deliverance and Divine Healing
  6. Obeying civil government in accordance with scripture direction
  7. Complete marriage life as a Unit of Society
  8. Sanctification
  9. Water Baptism by Immersion
  10. The Lord’s Supper [Holy Communion]
  11. Rapture and the Second Coming of Christ
  12. The Great Tribulation
  13. Christ’s Millennial Reign
  14. The Great White Throne Judgment
  15. The New Heaven and the New Earth and the eternal life in heaven or hell.